Hologram Heat Transfer Vinyl

Hologram Heat Transfer Vinyl is made of high-quality polyester (PET) film with high covering. No fading after heat press. It is high temperature resistant. Hologram heat transfer vinyl is dazzling effect with various colors. Specail color effect differs hologram film from other heat transfer films. They are warmly welcomed by many designers.

Holographic vinyl contains color changing chips that create the effect of depth and dimension. Available in many special effect colors and finishes, Holographic htv will take your designs to a new level. Love the look of rhinestones but don’t want to go through all the hassle? Holographic film can be cut to look exactly like rhinestones, without having to go through all the extra work. The Holographic line also features our Pearl material. Pearl is unlike any other material, giving your designs an opalescent finish. Holographic heat transfer vinyl can be cut with laser systems.

1. Cut your design in mirror image on the dull side (that does not show the final color)
2. Weed the excess material from the design.
3. Pre-heat your iron and fabric (No STEAM)
4. Place the design on your fabric (final color side up)
5. Press down iron with firm pressure for 150 – 160 degrees Celsius with 10-12
10. Peel off the clear film on its surface. (cold peel)

Holographic htv is CPSIA Certified, so it’s perfect for decorating items intended for children.

Main feature:

1. High-quality polyester (PET) film with high covering
2. High temperature resistant
3. 13 colors available
4. Glossy finish
5. Good washing assistance: about 30 washing times, 30 minutes/time
6. Easy to cut and weed
7. Thickness: 110-130um
8. No fading after heat press

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