Reflective Sheeting

    1. Specification: 1.24m x 45.7m/roll, can cut into different width as request.
    2. Available Color: White, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, etc.
    3. Service Life: 1-5 years outdoors.
    4. Total Thickness: 0.32mm. Thickness of Film: 0.16mm.
    5. Weight: 450g ±10g/sqm totally.
    6. Release Paper: Yellow blank paper 160g/sqm.
    7. Application Temperature: -20~60 ºC.
    8. Operation Temperature: 18~28ºC .
    9.Can do Mold Printing (Multi-colors) ,Laser/water Mark and Hot Stamping.
    10. Hot-stamping Temperature: 180~210 ºC.
    11. Embossing Depth: <=2.0mm.

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