PVC heat transfer vinyl

PVC Heat Transfer Vinyl, also called PVC HTV, is a type of material mostly made of PVC material that can be cut with a vinyl cutter to make designs, letters or numbers in an array of styles.
Heat Transfer Vinyls allows for the customization of a variety of items, including sports jerseys, T-shirts, performance apparel, active wear, jackets and more.

smooth PVC HTV sheets and rolls are ultrapremium heat transfer vinyls. It’s very thin and durable. The smooth vinyl in these heat transfer vinyl bundles are easy to weed and works great on a variety of fabrics. This is our most cheapest heat transfer product. it is not as soft as PU heat transfer vinyl though.

PVC heat transfer vinyl color sheet

The transfer process is very easy
1. Make the designs in the computer
2. Cutting by cutting plotter or laser cutting machine
3. Weeding
4. Transfer imagine on the t-shirt by heat press machine
5. Peeling ( cold peeling )
6. Finished

If send wrong color vinyl, we guarantee to change right color for you;The vinyl can be returned because of the quality problems Offer professional one-on-one service

We produce many types of heat transfer vinyl like PU, PVC, PU Inkjet Printable, Reflective, PU Glitter, flock, foil and glow in the dark,  to meet different demands from all over the world.

Unlike store-bought transfer material, Livinyls professional grade heat transfer materials produce vibrant, photo quality results.  Our products offer excellent durability and washability. Excellent for beginners, small jobs and where colour vibrancy, softness and stretchability is required. All of our products working well on 100% cotton, 50/50, lycra, spandex, jersey, nylon, rib knit, and with our very soft stretchable transfer materials, it won’t crack when fabric is stretched.

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