Glass Sandblast Stencil

Sandblast Stencil For Glass

Sandblast Stencil For Glass, also called Special glass engraving and sandblasting protection film or the PVC protection film, is a protective film for the carvings of the carvings
Product is a protective coating for PVC composite, which is mainly used in sandblasting and engraving.

Product description:
Glass special sand jet engraving protection film
Features: glass sandblast vinyl has strong adhesion, no glue, strong impact resistance, good sandblasting effect
Product is made up of PVC materials, adhesives and of type paper
It has high-temperature-resistance, moderate viscosity and easy to remove after removing the tape

Application methods:
1. Required design is drawn on the PVC film
2. Cut and remove the sandblasted area
3. Exposed area is sandblasting
4. Remove the remaining film from the surface of the glass

1. Thickness: 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, 180, 200 microns etc
2. Width: 45cm, 60cm, 90cm, 120cm, 0-120cm
3. Length: usually 50 meters or 100 meters each roll
4. Structure: PVC film+glue+ release paper
5. Color: yellow or white

Sandblast Stencil For Glass is Perfect for glass surface Etching, shading, deep etching and light carving. This material is very easy to cut, great adhesion, weeds beautifully and will not leave residue on your work.

  • SandMask is a fully cured vinyl that does not stretch or deform like rubber
  • Easy to see cut lines
  • Appliction specific formula
  • Doesn’t stretch and deform like rubber
  • glass sandmask Vinyl is thinner than rubber yet provides the same or more resist capability as rubber
  • glass sandblast Vinyl does not have any powdery residue
  • Cuts and weeds easily
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