Reflective heat transfer vinyl

Reflective heat transfer vinyl reflects the light. It can be widely used for garment which is for safety warning. It will be formed by glass beads reflector after the special craft combined with PU material to form a novel htv.

Reflective heat transfer vinyls gives your garment a high-visibility look in low-light situations; making it ideal for nighttime safety and on the job wear.

Reflective htv is perfect for runners, cyclists, those involved in construction, the safety industry or when making costumes for children that need to be seen in low-light situations. From well known brands such as 3M to Siser North America, our wide offering of reflective heat transfer vinyl is sure to make you be seen. Lvinyl reflective htv Certified, making them safe for use on children’s garments and accessories.

We are pleased to bring you a diverse selection of heat transfer vinyl for your next creation. With a wide range of color choices available, it is easier than ever to bring your vision to life. Made with quality and appearance in equaled importance, these options are made to offer a high grade finished result for your project. Aside from the overall quality and appearance matters, our selection offers a diverse range of color choices when choosing for heat transfer vinyl. Whether looking for the ever-popular choice of rose gold on various styles, holographic green or glittering yellow, we have it all right here! From baby pink colors to neon yellow, we have every color your project could possibly need. Looking for a unique way to create a product or finished project? Check out the glow in the dark options. These are sure to add some extra fun to the mix. From reflective options to holographic ones, our inventory truly covers all the bases to ensure you get the right finished look to your vision. We even offer several options for bundle packs which give you different colors to play with in your creation as well as a great value. When you shop our collection of heat transfer vinyl, the process is easy, and the options are affordable without compromising on diversity or quality for the best of both worlds. Find your new look today with these options ready to go!

Main feature:

2.Reflectance: 500, highly reflective
3.Applied with cutter plotter aslo laser cutter.
4.Roll size: 50cm*25m or 100cm*100m(for wholesale)
5.Color could be customized.
6.Washing test over 40 times no fade no crack.

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